Royal Canin Baby Dog Milk 2kg

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Royal Canin Baby Dog Milk is a complete milk replacer suitable for puppies from birth all the way up to weaning. If a bitch has a litter that is too big their milk may become diluted or some puppies may be rejected, that is when this milk comes in useful to help the puppies grow at a harmonious rate. As puppies grow their digestive safety is of main concern, this is assured by incorporating a specialised lactose content, fructo oligosaccharides to balance intestinal flora & the exemption of starch as puppies cannot digest it. Easy to prepare & instantly dissolves Enriched with DHA for cognitive function Promotes digestive safety Analytial Constituents Protein 33%, Fat content 39%, Crude ash 6% & DHA 1 g/kg. Composition Milk proteins, animal fats, whey protein, soya oil, copra oil, fish oil (source of DHA), minerals & fructo-oligosaccharides

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